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Twilio integration will require a account SID and Auth. Token from Twilio to integrate into Kartra.

Please Note: This means most issues dealing with these tokens will need to be solved via Twilio and Twilio support.

How to setup your Twilio integration:

First you will need to go to the integration tab located via the left hand menu:

Integrations Tab 01

Select the three dots within the Twilio box inside the “Integrations” section of Kartra.

Twilio 01

Select the “+ New integration” option.  If you already have an integration setup, you will need to click the three dots within the previous integration to edit the previously made integration.

From here you will be presented with the following modal:

Twilio 02

At this point you will need to login to Twilio on a separate tab and collect the necessary information within Twilio.

After logging into Twilio, your dashboard will be presented with the following screen:

Twilio 03

Your necessary keys will be displayed on your dashboard.  Please ensure you are using the appropriate project (Twilio project) for your keys.


Please Note: Twilio may change their website from what appears in this document; but the information should still be obtainable through their system.

Once you collect and fill in all necessary information within Kartra, you can “create” your integration by clicking the green button. If the create button is not highlighted in green and still shows as grey, then you are missing data within the fields necessary to setup your integration.

Please Note: The “Send from” phone number may not be just some arbitrary number. Often SMS services provide you such a number to work with their system and you will need to inquire with your SMS provider’s support to ensure what phone number you should place here. In other words, this may not be purely aesthetic but is instead part of your setup process.

Please Note: At this point you should be able to test your SMS feature via the test option at the bottom of the window. Please ensure this feature sends you a message before you “create” your SMS integration. If no message is sent then your setup may have a typo or incorrect information and needs to be updated.

If you are unable to find the necessary token information on Twilio, please contact Twilio support to collect the necessary information.

If your Twilio API Key does not work via Kartra, please contact Kartra support: Support@Kartra.com

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