If a transaction is refunded

Below is the data that is being pinged by our api system when a transaction is refunded or partially refunded 

Parameters Values
    "id": integer,
    "first_name": string,
    "middle_name": string,
    "last_name": string,
    "last_name2": string,
    "email": string,
    "phone_country_code": string,
    "phone": string,
    "company": string,
    "address": string,
    "city": string,
    "zip": string,
    "state": string,
    "country": string,
    "date_joined": string (YYYY-mm-dd hh:mm:ss),
    "website": string,
    "ip": string,
    "ip_country": string,
    "facebook": string,
    "twitter": string,
    "linkedin": string,
    "google_plus": string,
    "sales_tax_id": string,
    "lead_picture": string,
    "source": string,
    "score": integer,
    "lead_deleted": integer,
    "lead_deleted_date": string (YYYY-mm-dd hh:mm:ss),
    "referring_id": integer, 
    "blacklisted": integer,    
    "source_id": integer,
    "gdpr_lead_status": integer,
    "gdpr_lead_status_date": string,
    "gdpr_lead_status_ip": string,
    "gdpr_lead_communications": integer,
    "custom_fields": [
	    // In the case of input_field and text_area this will be string, else it will have the following structure:
  • id: A unique numeric identifier for the lead.
  • first_name: The lead’s first name.
  • last_name: The lead’s last name.
  • email: The lead’s email address.
  • gdpr_lead_status: The lead’s GDPR status, possible values:
    0 – For GDPR status off – Your account has GDPR deactivated
    1 – For GDPR status not subject – The lead’s IP is from a country not subject to GDPR
    2 – For GDPR status accepted – The lead has accepted the GDPR terms
    3 – For GDPR status not accepted – The lead hasn’t accepted the GDPR terms
    4 – For GDPR status unknown – The lead’s location could not be determined
    5 – For GDPR status pending
  • gdpr_lead_status_date: The date of the last GDPR status change
  • gdpr_lead_status_ip: The IP of the last GDPR status change
  • gdpr_lead_communications: 0 – if the user has agreed to be contacted, 1 – if not
  • custom fields:
    • field_id – the unique id reference (integer)
    • field_identifier – the unique identifier chosen when it was created (string)
    • field_type – the field type (string with the following values: input_field, text_area, drop_down, radio_button, checkbox)
    • field_value – the value saved for the particular lead. In the case of input_field and text_area this will be string, if not it will be an array . In the case of checkboxes the values can have multiple values:
    • [
      		"option_id":1, // the unique id reference (integer)
      		"option_value":"red", // option value (string)
  • refund_product OR
  • partial_refund_product
        "transaction_date":date(Y-m-d H:i:s),
        "transaction_type":"refund" or "partial_refund",
        "payment_processor_type": string
  • transaction_id: Kartra order id.
  • buyer_first_name: The buyer first name.
  • buyer_last_name: The buyer last name.
  • buyer_email: The buyer email address.
  • buyer_username: The buyer username.
  • buyer_id: A unique numeric identifier for the lead id.
  • product_name: The product name.
  • product_id: A unique numeric identifier for the Kartra product.
  • product_price_point: The product price point of the transaction.
  • transaction_full_amount: The final paid amount on this specific transaction.
  • transaction_base_amount: The base price for the transaction.
  • transaction_discount: If any discount coupon was applied, the amount in dollars deducted from the original price.
  • transaction_tax: The amount of sales tax or VAT.
  • transaction_shipping: The shipping cost
  • transaction_affiliate: The username of the affiliate (empty if no affiliate).
  • transaction_jv: The username of the jv broker (empty if no jv).
  • transaction_date: The date of the transaction (Y-m-d H:i:s).
  • transaction_type: refund or partial_refund
  • transaction_parent_id: The actual order ID of the original transaction that is being refunded or charged-back.
  • transaction_subscription_id: A unique numeric identifier for the subscription id(if there is no recurring payments this will be 0).
  • transaction_subscription_pay_number: The number of payment within this rebill sequence: 1st installment, 2nd installment, etc. In this case, it will always be the 1st installment.
  • original_id: In case of a payment subscription, the order ID of the first transaction within the subscription.
  • buyer_billing_country: The buyer country.
  • buyer_billing_state: The buyer state.
  • buyer_billing_phone_country_code: The buyer phone country code.
  • buyer_billing_phone_number: The buyer phone number.
  • buyer_billing_address: The buyer address.
  • buyer_billing_city: The buyer city.
  • buyer_billing_zip: The buyer zip code.
  • vendor_tracking_id_1: Vendor’s tracking ID 1 if the sale was generated from a tracking link.
  • vendor_tracking_id_2: Vendor’s tracking ID 2 if the sale was generated from a tracking link.
  • vendor_tracking_link: Vendor’s tracking link name.
  • shipping_first_name: Buyer’s shipping first name.
  • shipping_last_name: Buyer’s shipping last name.
  • shipping_address: Buyer’s shipping address.
  • shipping_city: Buyer’s shipping city.
  • shipping_zip: Buyer’s shipping ZIP
  • shipping_country: Buyer’s shipping country
  • shipping_state: Buyer’s shipping state
  • payment_processor_type: The payment processor type: “PayPal”, “Braintree”, “Stripe”, “Authorize.net”

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