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Survey Analytics (How to interpret your data)

It is important to have as much data as possible when executing your marketing campaigns. But sometimes that data can lead to confusion if you do not understand what you are looking at.

To that end lets visit the survey analytics here: https://app.kartra.com/surveys/analytics and take a look at what data we have to offer.

Surveyanalytics 01

When you visit our analytics you will see two different areas that contain data. A graph shown at the top with a overall representation of all your data (based on the filter options) and a list of each individual survey with their own unique data points.


This is a numerical representation of how many people have visited your survey. This is a unique visitor counter, but it is important to note that if you do not have the user opt-in via the use of the “identification” feature in your surveys then each visit will be considered unique. If identification is turned on, then each visit of that cookied user will be considered one single visit.

*Note: Past visits before the user was opted-in will not all compress into a single data point and will still remain as the unique visitor counts they originally were.


Separate from a visitor counter, the completed tally will provide you a detailed account of how many surveys have been completed. This data will also include a percentage ratio that represents the number of unique visitors compared to your completed tally total.

*Note: It is possible for a single person to fill out a survey more then once. Meaning you can have data such as what you see in the image above where visitors will be less then the completed forms giving you a completion percentage higher then 100%. It is important to design your content in a way that will not present your customers with the same survey more then once to ensure this does not happen (unless you want this to happen).

Average time to complete:

As soon as your customer starts to view the survey component itself, a timer will start that will only end when the survey is completed.

Average Score:

The score of a survey will represent how many answers your users filled in correctly as per your “correct answer” mark in the survey builder, compared to the total amount of questions.

*Note: There are survey questions that do not have a right or wrong answer, such as a rating or a written response. In this scenario our system will default these to a “wrong” answer and will count as zero points in a quiz. So for example if you have four multiple choice questions with right and wrong answers followed by a survey rating question, then the maximum score on your survey would be 80%. As your users can only answer four correct answers out of five total questions.


In addition to general analytics you can find specific totals to all your results via the data shown here: https://app.kartra.com/surveys/analytics/results

Surveyanalytics 02

Most of the data shown here is the same as the analytics tab, but the new addition is a list of all your questions and a running total of how they were answered. The data specifically showing the number of responses to a question and a percentage representing number of responses for that particular answer vs. number of total responses.

In addition to the summary of all your response, you can parse down to a lead by lead view of the data and how users answered their questions.

Surveyanalytics 03

This data will also include the option to export a list of all your leads and their responses into a CSV file.

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