Refund, failed rebill or chargeback for a recurring subscription payment, or for a one time payment with a trial

transaction_id Kartra order id
transaction_full_amount The amount paid by the customer
transaction_base_amount The base price for the transaction
transaction_discount If any discount coupon was applied, the amount in dollars deducted from the original price
transaction_shipping The shipping price
transaction_tax The sales tax or VAT in dollars
transaction_date The date of the transaction
transaction_type ‘refund’ – if transaction is a refund
‘partial_refund’ – if transaction is a partial refund
‘chargeback’ – if transaction is a chargeback
‘failed’ – if transaction rebill failed (due to card expiration, lack of funds, etc)
transaction_parent_id 0 if it’s a sale. Otherwise, the actual order ID of the original transaction if it’s a refund, partial refund or chargeback.
transaction_affiliate The username of the affiliate (empty if no
transaction_jv The username of the JV broker (empty if no JV)
transaction_subscription_id The ID of the subscription being cancelled (PayPal transactions will return PayPal subscription id)
transaction_internal_subscription_id A unique numeric identifier for the subscription id
transaction_subscription_pay_number The number of payment within this rebill sequence: 1st installment, 2nd installment, etc. In this case, it will always be the 1st installment.
transaction_quantity Product units
product_name The name of the purchased product
product_id The ID of the product
product_price_point The price point number. This is a number from 1 onwards
trial_payment 1 or 0, depending on whether it is activated or not
trial_amount The trial amount in dollars
trial_period The trial period in days
buyer_id Buyer’s unique identifier id
buyer_first_name Buyer’s first name
buyer_last_name Buyer’s last name
buyer_email Buyer’s email
buyer_username Buyer’s username
buyer_billing_phone_country_code Buyer’s phone country code
buyer_billing_phone_number Buyer’s phone number
buyer_billing_address Buyer’s billing address
buyer_billing_city Buyer’s billing city
buyer_billing_zip Buyer’s billing ZIP
buyer_billing_state Buyer’s billing state
buyer_billing_country Buyer’s billing country
shipping_address Buyer’s shipping address
shipping _city Buyer’s shipping city
shipping _zip Buyer’s shipping ZIP
shipping _state Buyer’s shipping state
shipping _country Buyer’s shipping country
secret_key The secret key you setup when you created the notification
vendor_tracking_id_1 Vendor’s tracking ID 1 if the sale was generated from a tracking link
vendor_tracking_id_2 Vendor’s tracking ID 2 if the sale was generated from a tracking link
vendor_tracking_link Vendor’s tracking link name
failed_reattempt_number The reattempt number for a failed transaction (up to 3 attempts, not sent on refunds and chargebacks)
gdpr_lead_status integer, possible values:

0 – For GDPR status off – Your account has GDPR deactivated
1 – For GDPR status not subject – The lead’s IP is from a country not subject to GDPR
2 – For GDPR status accepted – The lead has accepted the GDPR terms
3 – For GDPR status not accepted – The lead hasn’t accepted the GDPR terms
4 – For GDPR status unknown – The lead’s location could not be determined
5 – For GDPR status pending

gdpr_lead_status_date string (DD Mmm YYYY HH:MM:SS)
gdpr_lead_status_ip string
integer, possible values:

0 – Lead hasn’t agreed to be contacted
1 – Lead has agreed to be contacted


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