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Social Media Integrations: overview

Social media integrations, what is this feature?

The Kartra software does not have a dedicated feature to manage social media. However, the already existing features Kartra includes do make use of social media to help with your content.

For example you may see icons such as this show up in your content:

Social Media 01

These make reference to various third-party social media services. (In order of icons shown above)

  • Facebook – A social media service dedicated to family and friend related connections.
  • Twitter – A social media service that allows individuals or groups speak quickly to large amounts of people in short messages.
  • LinkedIn – A social media service dedicated to work related connections and job applications.
  • Instagram – A service dedicated to having users share images and photos.

This documentation will walk you through the expected behaviors of these icons in the various Kartra features. As the functionality will vary from feature to feature.

*Please note: We will not explain what these social media services entail, as the nature of these platforms can change from day to day and how they are used vary from user to user.  And as their content is too vast we ask you reach out to their support channels if you have questions about their features.

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