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Here you will find a step by step walk through of our campaign builder and funnel mapper (visual map) features. This will allow you to build and share your campaigns and content as a marketable product within the Kartra software.

Before we begin, there are some notes and terminology to consider:

  1. A campaign is a collection of Kartra based content that can be shared with other Kartra users. They can import the content into their own Kartra account from a campaign; such as sequences, broadcasts, checkouts, and any other Kartra based feature. A campaign can also have a “visual map” attached to it to show how the campaign’s content is intended to function.
  2. A “Visual Map” or “Funnel Mapper” is a graphical representation of a funnel. This is not a feature that has a tangible action within the Kartra software like a campaign would have. To clarify further, this visual map is more akin to a image rather then an actual funnel used to show how a funnel will function; and is often attached to a campaign.

You can find full procedures on the content within this technical documentation:

Campaign Walk-through

Funnel Mapper (Visual Map) Guide

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