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Digital Access Pass

BEFORE WE START… In order to create the communication bridge to Digital Access Pass (DAP), you need to download a small PHP file (make sure to unzip it!) and FTP-upload it into the folder where DAP is installed in your server.

For example, if you have installed DAP at YourDomain.com/DAP, then upload the file so its URL is YourDomain.com/DAP/dap-kartra.php

Once that PHP file is uploaded to your server, we can start the configuration process.

DAP membership integration into Kartra will require a Connection Key from Kartra, an Secret key from DAP, a URL to the membership portal provided by DAP, and the URL for the DAP Notification (which is the link to the PHP file you just uploaded. Example: YourDomain.com/DAP/dap-kartra.php)

Note: The rest of this documentation will assume you are an active user of the DAP service and know all the details of its own installation and use.  Please contact your DAP support for more information on using the DAP service.

Upon selecting the DAP tab within the external membership integration window you will be presented with the following.

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The membership portal URL is to be copied in to the membership portal location.  The notification URL you collected from the installation of your DAP add-on and can be placed in the section dedicated to it in the Kartra integration setup.  Normally this notification URL will be of a similar format to http://YOURSITE.com/dap/dap-kartra.php .  Visit Configuration → XML Postback page and set the IPN URL to point to http://YOURSITE.com/dap/dap-kartra.php in most DAP setups, however this is not a guarantee and is dependent how you setup your DAP.

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The Secret key can be collected from the configuration info window in DAP.  Navigate to the left sidebar option “Digital Access Pass (DAP)” from your WordPress add-on.  Select the “Setup” tab on the top bar; and then the “config” option within the “Setup” tab.

Scroll down through various options to get to the section shown below to collect your secret key.

Note: Kartra will use the same integration that DAP uses for other payment processing providers and may not be mentioned.  However, it should work.

Also the DAP product/level can be taken from the “Products/Levels” tab on the top bar, and then take the name from the product list.

Once you have the secret key, place it in the section shown in the image below.

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At this point with all options filled in, the create option will enabled. By selecting create you can now finish your DAP membership integration.

Note: Be sure and fill in a name for your membership integration.

If you are unable to find the “Secret Key” on DAP or have any other issues with collecting the information, please contact DAP support for help to navigate their website.

If your DAP Secret Key/information does not work via Kartra, please contact Kartra support.

Note: DAP is one of the more complex integration to use with Kartra and we would recommend most users use the Kartra membership service or be an advanced user of the DAP system.

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