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Mailgun integration will require a API key from mailgun to integrate into Kartra.

Note: This means most issues will need to be solved via mailgun and mailgun support.

Upon selecting the mailgun tab within the email gateway model window you will be presented with the following.

You will need to login to mailgun on a separate tab and collect the key from the API options within mailgun.

After logging into mailgun, select the domain tab, and then select the domain you wish to use.

You will then be presented with the domain information which will include your “API Base URL” or your domain and your API key.

Note: Mailgun may change their website from what appears in this document; but there should still be an API section with the key information. If you cannot find your MailGun API Keys, please contact MailGun support


IMPORTANT: There is one final check you must do inside your MailGun account: go to the “Domains” section, and turn all their Tracking Settings to OFF mode. The reason for that is because, otherwise, they will inject their tracking codes into your Kartra emails, messing up your email contents, links, etc. Besides, Kartra already tracks Opens, Clicks and Unsubscribes for you.



Anyway, now you’re finally done in MailGun, and it’s time to return to your Kartra interface, back to the MailGun original modal window. Here, you will need to copy the “API Key” and “domain”.  At this point the create option will enabled. By selecting create you can now finish your mailgun email gateway integration.



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