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Time Segments

The “Time Segment” feature found within video editing allows our users to mark off specific times within a video’s timeline that may be important for easy navigation.

These will show up as a indicator on the video timeline based on the design of your video template, while displaying a title when the lead mouse-overs the content.

Time Segment 04

This functionality starts within the video editing options:

Time Segment 01

Click the “+ Time Segments” bar within the menu and you should see the following window pop-up:

Time Segment 02

From this screen you can enter new segments or edit past ones. The data you can input is the name of the segment (the content that will be displayed upon a mouse-over of the segment) and the location time of the segment.

*Please Note: There is no start/end time on a single segment as this feature is merely to provide titles for segments at certain points. Allowing your leads to navigate through the video with ease. This is not intended to highlight an entire section and/or block of time as it only marks the single moment you set in the time segments window.



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