API Integration

Here you will find the information needed to connect and interact with Kartra via our secure API.

Before we start, there are some house cleaning notes to consider:

1. Please note that APIs are for advanced users with programming skills only. In fact, the API system relies on your platform as much as it does on ours, so the depth of help our Support Team will be able to provide is very limited.

2. As you know, via the API you can automatically subscribe users to your Kartra account without their manual input. Well, due to the GDPR and user data privacy best practices, it’s your responsibility to make sure that those users have granted you permission to handle their personal data, they have agreed to be registered to your contacts list, and they have granted you permission to communicate with them in the future. If you do not have their actual consent, please do not use the API to register leads into your Kartra account.

3. You will need to maintain your own Kartra account as a app developer to ensure your application remains approved and valid.  Your customers should never be submitting your app for you on their Kartra account, doing so will lead to a declined app and a confused mutual customer.

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