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Scroll Sticky Video

Within the video configuration, within the settings tab, you will find an option titled “Sticky upon scroll”.

Sticky Scroll 01

This feature will ensure the video remains showing and on a given page, if somewhat minimized, in the top corner as the user scrolls through your content.

Sticky Scroll 04

*Note: When you add a video to a Kartra page with the Sticky upon scroll turned on, you will want to double check the setting within your page builder as well. As the video can have a unique setting per page they are built with.

Sticky Scroll 02


This will allow users to have the video contain sticky scrolling on one Kartra page, while not having sticky scrolling on another; all while still using the same video for both.

*Note: This feature will only work in a standalone Kartra hosted video page or within a Kartra page built by a user. This will not work in other Kartra based content such as a membership.

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