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Point your CNAME record to Kartra

The CNAME is a record that has to be created in your domain registrar, which is the service managing your domain property and DNS. This CNAME record is what’s going to bind your domain with your Kartra account.

So, you will need to log into your domain registering service and create a new CNAME record. Every registrar has a different interface, so it’s difficult for us to navigate you from here, but chances are that you should see a “DNS Management” or “Domain Management” area when you log in. At any rate, if you ask their support team to show you how to create a CNAME record, they will definitely be able to point you in the right direction.

This new CNAME record needs to target your desired subdomain to username.kartra.com (replace “username” with your Kartra username). Alternatively, if you chose to integrate your main domain instead of using a subdomain, enter “www” as the subdomain.

Again, every domain registrar’s interface is different, but the following screenshot should illustrate most common cases:


  1. Type: select CNAME.
  2. Host: this will be either “www” or your desired subdomain, depending on which option you chose to integrate. If your desired custom domain is meant to be “sales.YourDomain.com“, then enter “sales“. If, in the other hand, it is meant to be “www.YourDomain.com“, then enter “www“.
  3. Target or Value: enter username.kartra.com (replace “username” with your Kartra username).
  4. Finally, use TTL, set to whatever automatic or default value they offer.


Note that if you might already have a CNAME configured for “www” or your desired subdomain – perhaps from a previous integration with another app like Kartra. In that case, you must delete it and create it anew. You cannot have two identical CNAMEs in order to avoid conflicts and malfunctions. Needless to say, the domain integration with your previous provider will stop working.

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