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Activating your App

Before Kartra can accept any inbound API call, you (the developer) must create a Kartra App and submit it for review. To get started, navigate to My Integrations > Developers > API (located at https://app.kartra.com/integrations/api/developers).


Test vs Live Mode

Immediately upon creation, your App will be automatically activated on Test Mode. While on Test Mode, the App is 100% operational and can indeed execute all commands from our API system. There are only two limitations while in Test Mode:

  • Kartra will not send out any email to any lead registered while on Test Mode.
  • Any lead registered while on test mode will have its domain name replaced by @kartra.com. For example, executing the Lead_Create API instruction for lead johnsmith@gmail.com will subscribe that user to your Kartra account under email johnsmith@kartra.com instead.

In order to activate the mailing system, you will need to submit your App for live activation. Our admins will manually review your application and respond within a matter of a couple business days up to two weeks at most.

*Please Note: You cannot casually turn on live mode to test your content with live emails. When you switch to live mode your content/application will be reviewed by our review team and it will need to be complete. Otherwise you will be reset back to test mode until your content is done.

The App ID and API keys

Every App comes with a unique App ID, which you must include in every API call you send to Kartra. Therefore, and for security reasons, Kartra will not accept any API call that doesn’t include a valid App ID.

API Inbound 01


Remember that there are two roles in this process:

  1. The App developer:​ most likely you, the creator of the 3rd party software looking to create an integration with Kartra. Yours will be the App ID.
  2. The App user:​ most likely your customers, but it could also be yourself in case you’re using your own App. Either way, the App user must also have an active Kartra account, since the API will be expecting the user’s API Key and API Password.

The actions commanded by the API call (ie: subscribe a lead to a list) will be executed in the App user’s Kartra account, not in the App developer’s Kartra account.

*Please Note: The App is just the conductor that executes an action on behalf of the App User.

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