Action: Get recurring payment subscriptions from lead

This will allow you to get all the Recurring Payment Subscriptions from a lead, regardless of the subscription status.

Type Parameters Values
POST cmd* get_subscriptions_from_lead
POST email** string

* Required: the CMD parameter must be included in the API call.
** Either the ID or the EMAIL must be passed in order to locate the lead.

Here is an example:

'lead' => [
    'email' => 'example@email.com'
'actions' => [
    '0' => [
        'cmd' => 'get_subscriptions_from_lead'

Here are the results returned by the request:

Parameters Values
subscription_list String (JSON encoded string containing the details of the subscription, empty array if no custom fields)


JSON parameters Values
transaction_subscription_id integer A unique identifier for the subscription id (PayPal transactions will return PayPal subscription id.)
transaction_internal_subscription_id integer A unique numeric identifier for the subscription id.
transaction_subscription_status stringĀ (“Active”, “Paused”, “Cancelled”, “Terminated”) Subscription status
buyer_id integer Id for the lead linked to the subscription.
buyer_email stringĀ Email for the lead linked to the subscription.


Example of the returned JSON array:

"subscription_list": [
        "transaction_subscription_id": "53124",
        "transaction_subscription_status": "Active",
        "buyer_id": "123456",
        "buyer_email": "test@test.com"

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