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Funnel Mapper (Visual Map)

This feature allows our Kartra users to create a visual representation of a campaign; known as a Funnel. This visual representation can also be downloaded as an PDF or shared as a Kartra URL if the Funnel designer so chooses.

*Please note: This is not a functional bit of content and is more akin to a image or a simulator. As actual campaign content will still need to be added separately during the creation of a campaign; the creation of a Funnel will not create the campaign.


To begin editing this feature you will need to select “+ Funnel” button on the Funnels tab under campaigns, then you will have to create a name with a description, and finally where you will then be redirected to the Visual Map (Funnel) builder (a feature similar to our Page and Sequence builders).

Visual Map 13

*Please note: This builder does not have an auto-save feature and you will want to save your content periodically via the “Actions” drop-down menu to ensure you do not lose your progress on designed content.

Here is an example of what the builder will look like:

Visual Map 02

In the left hand column via “Assets” you will find any assets that can exist within the Kartra software:

Visual Map 03

As you drag any of this content into the builder you can either reference an already existing Kartra based asset or you can create a “placeholder” (in case you have not created the asset yet).

Visual Map 04

*Please note: You can toggle a view to see placeholders via the menu option at the top of the screen.

Visual Map 06

Visual Map 05


There is also the “Actions” option which allows you to set markers that create a graphical representation of a consumer behavior:

Visual Map 07

And finally you can add graphical representations of where your lead traffic is coming form via the “Traffic” options:

Visual Map 08


Once you drag your assets, actions, and traffic icons into the main body of the builder you can then proceed to connect them via the arrow options on the sides of the boxes.

Visual Map 09

Visual Map 10

*Please note: This is just a graphical representation of a funnel’s design and there is no direct functionality tied to the arrows mentioned in this image.


Upon completion of your design the final step will be to click “Save and Exit” from your “Actions” menu in the top right.

Visual Map 11

This should then exit you out of the builder and take you back into the Funnel tab. Where you will see your funnel shown in the list.

Visual Map 14



*Important Note:

Nexmo has rebranded to Vonage and we have created new documentation located here.

The instructions below are archived instructions for Nexmo and should be ignored.



Nexmo integration will require a account API “Key” and API “Secret” code from Nexmo to integrate into Kartra.

*Please Note: This means most issues will need to be solved via Nexmo and Nexmo support, if either of your codes are not working as intended.

To integrate your Nexmo SMS gateway you will want to go to the “Integrations” section of Kartra. This can be found in the menu bar on the left hand side of the Kartra interface (usually near the bottom).

Integrations Tab 01

Upon selecting the Nexmo option you will be presented with a link to this documentation and the ability to create a new Nexmo integration with Kartra (+ New integration). You are allowed to have multiple integrations within your Kartra account.

Nexmo 01

You will need to login to Nexmo on a separate tab and collect the necessary information within Nexmo itself to complete your setup.

After logging into Nexmo, the necessary information will be displayed on your front dashboard.

SMSGateway 09

Your account API Key and API Secret will then be displayed for you to use on their interface.

*Please Note: Nexmo may change their website from what appears in this document; but the information required should always be the same and should still be obtainable through their system.

With this information you can then go back to your browser tab that contains Kartra and fill in the required information:

Nexmo 02

You will need to copy the Account API Key and API Secret into the modal window.  In addition you will want to name your SMS gateway as it will display in Kartra and provide a “Send from” phone number. At this point the create option will be enabled. By selecting create you can now finish your Nexmo SMS gateway integration. If the button is not enabled and green, then you have not filled in the necessary information to complete your setup.

*Please Note: The “Send from” phone number may not be just some arbitrary number. Often SMS services provide you such a number to work with their system and you will need to inquire with your SMS provider’s support to ensure what phone number you should place here. In other words, this may not be purely aesthetic but is instead part of your setup process.

*Please Note: At this point you should be able to test your SMS feature via the test option at the bottom of the window. Please ensure this feature sends you a message before you “create” your SMS integration. If no message is sent then your setup may have a typo or incorrect information and needs to be updated.

If you are unable to find the necessary information on Nexmo please contact Nexmo support to acquire what ever information you require.

If your Nexmo information does not work via Kartra (and it is confirmed accurate by their support), then please contact Kartra support: Support@kartra.com

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